Sunday, August 06, 2006

Think Coach "K" will pick up a Gold with what he's got...or do we get leveled again like the Olympics ? "Vintage NBA", every monday 3-to-4p Pacific Coast time....check us call ins from anywhere in da woild.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Look..let's stop the madness. Stern says the refs erred 5% of the he kidding...try about 45%. Last nights Mav's & Heat game proved the point. Six travelling calls made and replays showed 2 were ligit. How hard does one have to hit the floor before the sounds hit the refs ears which are located outside of his new hair-do...and a call is made? And free!!! Shaq & the rest are brutal. Practice makes perfect...practice-practice-practice. Me, 9 free throw records in the Big Ten, shot 400 every day...yep, every day. Ranked in the top ten in percentages over 80%. True, there was no 24 second clocks then...but, the fact remains, a made free throw helps...especially when the clock stops and it's catch up time, or, a team trying to put the heat on and a foul is the result. If Shaq, would ask me...I'ld tell him to get his left shoulder out of the mix...move it backward slightly and this enables the right side to softly distribute the ball...or, go ala Rick Barry, and underhand the toss like one is tossing an egg for somebody else to catch...softly, softly, broken eggs.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Do you know me...Mike Krzyzewski? Coach of the Duke Blue Devils you say.....right on. Seen me on the TUBE during the Final Four in, not Coaching(we got eliminated), in a commercial. That was me walking forward on a basketball court while General Motors was showing the new Chevrolets, behind me,and me hyping the product as I walked forward.
I too saw the ad...and you know what, back in 1979, the Head Basketball Coach for the Hawaiian Rainbows, U of H, Honolulu, hyped the Ford Autos for a local car dealer in Honolulu. The NCAA, punished the Coach and program by taking scholarships away and for doing the commercial. So how come the NCAA, didn't get on the Chevy-Coach "K" ad? Commissioner Brand, what's the deal?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Look....y'all..The more I watch college basketball and that stupid three point line...the mader I get. Why, because it's a cheap shot benefiting the offense totally. 19 feet...sick...not blowing my horn any...really; but, my days with the two handed set, my range was 25 to 35 feet...and that, ain't no bull. How about defense...clawing, scratching, pushing, grabing, holding, every thing akin to World Wrestling. My take...and you don't have to agree, is the game has reached a sad level...take away the slam dunk and you don't sell's show time personafied led by the mouth Dickie Vital, the Italian fog horn. Think I'll take a pill...not.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

The NBA and the National Basketball Players Ass'n sent those 42 pioneer vinatge NBA players under the banner of the Pre-1965 NBA Players Ass'n, who were "stiffed" on the 1988 pension inclusion 100 grand jointly.......Is this enough, or will it suffice until all are gone?

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Rush out there? I've Emailed you the Boston Globe article about,"Give this man and assist",-Peter May. Out of 85, 3 & 4 year pioneer NBA vets, 41 remain, and with out parity in the pension structure the NBA formulated in 1965 and then again in 1988, which brought in Pre-1965 men only to qualify with 5 years of playing time under contract and not the original starting pension requirement in 1965, set at three years. Stern & Hunter, won't budge. Rush, you are powerful and have the air waves working for you....tune us in...jump on this sad situation before we all die to the satisfaction of Stern/Hunter. Even a 1998, Congressional Hearing,"Pension Fairness for Pioneer Veterans", didn't phase either. Isn't it true too that "players must take care of players?" Why no teamwork now?................................tosh

Saturday, November 19, 2005

David Stern, you kicked my dog....why did you do this? Now my dog needs operation. Mark Cuban, you also kicked my dog....stop it, both of you.