Friday, June 09, 2006

Look..let's stop the madness. Stern says the refs erred 5% of the he kidding...try about 45%. Last nights Mav's & Heat game proved the point. Six travelling calls made and replays showed 2 were ligit. How hard does one have to hit the floor before the sounds hit the refs ears which are located outside of his new hair-do...and a call is made? And free!!! Shaq & the rest are brutal. Practice makes perfect...practice-practice-practice. Me, 9 free throw records in the Big Ten, shot 400 every day...yep, every day. Ranked in the top ten in percentages over 80%. True, there was no 24 second clocks then...but, the fact remains, a made free throw helps...especially when the clock stops and it's catch up time, or, a team trying to put the heat on and a foul is the result. If Shaq, would ask me...I'ld tell him to get his left shoulder out of the mix...move it backward slightly and this enables the right side to softly distribute the ball...or, go ala Rick Barry, and underhand the toss like one is tossing an egg for somebody else to catch...softly, softly, broken eggs.


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